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I’m Jessica and I’m on a mission to transform the world, one woman at a time, by helping you heal your wounds, lead you to loving yourself fiercely and advising you on creating massive abundance.  I believe that the balance of masculine action and feminine flow is the key to creating a life and business you’re wildly obsessed with!

An expert in marketing and process improvement, I am a six-figure consultant for Fortune 500 companies.  Now, I’m using my 10+ years of education and experience to empower women to turn their purpose and passion into profit! 

I believe in balancing work with woo: I talk about metaphysics, manifestation and mindset AND I talk about the practical magic of making more money and marketing strategy for your business.

I am SO honored to have you here.  I believe we’ve crossed paths for a reason and I can’t wait for the two of us to discover that reason.  Massive expansion happens with my clients and I’m here to support you in manifesting your own version of wild success.